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16 Sep 2010

'Reflections' DVD launched

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is today launching Reflections – a unique free DVD for young people, teachers and school counsellors. It aims to highlight the issues and problems that cause distress in young people, and to show how these can be resolved in a supportive, professional counselling environment.

The DVD is the sequel to the hugely successful Masks and Mirrors which was launched in 2009, and forms part of BACP’s ongoing work with the Welsh Assembly Government to implement a national strategy for school-based counselling across Wales. It is hoped that it will provide an equally effective and valuable resource for young people across the rest of the UK.

The short, contemporary film follows up the four main characters who were supported by school counselling in the Masks and Mirrors story, as they review their current situation and their experiences of school counselling.

The highly watchable bi-lingual DVD will be useful for both young people and school-based staff alike to raise awareness and inform about the use and benefits of school counselling. It will also assist in reassuring young people who are experiencing problems that they are not alone and that there is help available.

Karen Cromarty, BACP Lead Advisor for Children and Young People, said: “Reflections is a unique resource which aims to illustrate and promote school counselling. With a contemporary style it will give young people in schools across the UK an idea of what counsellors do and how they can help with the myriad of difficulties young people face in today’s world. This short film is extremely watchable and will appeal to adolescents – all of whom in some way or another are struggling to make sense of who they are and where they fit – in their families, schools and communities.”

Click here to view Reflections

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