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01 Oct 2010

Therapy is wise counsel

It’s sometimes as much of a knee-jerk response for advice columnists to recommend counselling as it is for readers (especially men) to reject the idea. Some people regard it as weakness to seek help from a stranger; others maintain they can’t afford it. But attitudes have changed in recent years.

It seems that one in five people in Britain has consulted a counsellor or therapist — a figure I find astonishing.

Three weeks ago I wrote critic ally about the ‘cold’ website for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I couldn’t possibly have known it was even then being re-designed as ‘It’s Good To Talk’ is its banner — and I’m pleased to report this new site is excellent. It’s warm in tone — which is essential for worried people seeking help, maybe for the first time.

The site gives examples of various problems (spoken by real people), explains what therapy is, how it works, what different types there are, and so on. You can fill in your region and the type of issue you have and the site will come up with names and contact details.

Then you have to put some work in yourself, which is, in itself a good starting point.

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