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11 Oct 2011

Work:Life UK: We love our work - it's just we are doing too much of it

US journalist Jacki Cisneros, a truck driver from New Zealand and two Tesco staff from Suffolk: not perhaps the most obvious bedfellows, yet they have one thing in common. They’ve all won big on the lottery ($266m, $5.4m and £0.75m each), but rather than handing in their notice and retiring, they all decided to carry on working.

Surprising? Maybe not, when you really think about it. For despite the assumption that it would be “goodbye work, hello life” when a person’s lucky numbers come up, research suggests not.

According to research this year by Scott Highhouse, psychology professor at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, two-thirds of Americans say they would carry on working if they won. In the UK, meanwhile, data from the National Lottery shows about one-third of winners who were working prior to winning big, decided to keep their jobs. Even if they do leave, some go back – such as 25-year-old Luke Pittard, who in 2008 won £1.3m, but within 18 months went back to flipping burgers at McDonald’s for £5.85 an hour.

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