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02 Dec 2011

Social networking can lighten the darkness of depression

For decades the internet has been inhabited by many different groups of people, ranging from newbies taking their first unsteady steps to the “trolls” who lurk in sometimes unexpected places. As with any large collection of people, groups tend to form around shared interests or outlooks – any website with a comment facility has the potential to form such a network, but strong communities are far more likely to form on forums and discussion boards that have a focus on a particular topic.

Such sites can be created by anyone with internet access, with subjects ranging from the trivial to the profound. A very recent addition to the latter category is the Black Dog Tribe website, launched by comedian Ruby Wax to provide a safe haven for people suffering with depression. The site is currently at its beta stage of development, but the jewel in its crown is the user-generated content: the genuine voices of people who are affected by this illness. The forum is divided into subsections known as tribes, which range from the bluntly honest Caring is Wearing to the positive Recovery.

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