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14 Jun 2012

Anthony Worrall Thompson: I'm finally putting my life back together

Back in January 2012 celebrity chef Anthony Worrall Thompson was caught shoplifitng at a Tesco’s branch in Henley-on-Thames. This was completely out of character for the celebrity chef and it was evident that Anthony was in a different place back then.

It is clear that Antony’s outlook is far more positive than it was back in January. “I feel you have to move on in life,” he says.

“I’m not going to start joking about it because it was a stupid thing to do but I can’t keep beating myself up about it.”

Since then Antony has been seeing an addiction counsellor in Chelsea once a week and while he says he was originally sceptical as to whether his behaviour could be rooted in the demons of his past – or was indeed some form of addiction – he says that the sessions have proved beneficial.

“My counsellor has come up with several theories and one of them is that I may be addicted to risk,” says Antony.

“Partly because of the shocking childhood I had I can’t believe in success and I almost want to sabotage it.”

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