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14 Aug 2012

I haven't had a proper night's sleep for three years could psychotherapy cure me

My name’s Jordan and I’m an ­insomniac.

I haven’t had a proper night’s rest in over three years now, and my body has got so used to the sleeping tablets my doctor has been ­prescribing they’ve stopped having any effect.

I’m at the end of my tether and so ­exhausted all the time that I’m making stupid mistakes at work and shunning party invites so I can lie on the sofa in a weary heap.

If there is anything I’d like to have in common with Jennifer Aniston, it’s not sleepwalking.

But sadly, that’s the only way we are actually alike.

While Jen once set off her burglar alarm by wandering outside during her sleep, I took things to another extreme.

When I was staying at a friend’s last year, I was having such a vivid dream I called the police in my sleep and reported myself kidnapped.

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