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08 Jul 2013

How to deal with the effects of domestic violence in the workplace

One-fifth of employed women take time off work because of domestic violence and 2% lose their jobs as a direct result of abuse. The Equality and Human Rights Commission estimates that 56% of those enduring abuse are frequently late for work and 54% miss at least three days a year due to abuse.

The direct cost of domestic abuse to UK business is around £1.9 billion per year, excluding lost productivity and performance. The human and emotional costs to individuals affected by the issue are huge, and growing numbers of employers are waking up to the fact that domestic violence is a health and wellbeing issue.

All organisations have a legal responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of their staff, but the obligation in the case of domestic violence is wider: by raising awareness of the issue and supporting those enduring abuse, employers are helping to prevent it in the wider community. Domestic violence has clear implications for the bottom line, affecting attendance and presenteeism, staff turnover and mental wellbeing at work. It also affects workplace teams, who may be caught up in a member’s distress or in supporting them to move on.

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