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06 Sep 2013

One worker in four has no access to occupational health services

More than a quarter of British workers say their employer provides no occupational health services, with women more likely to lose out than men.

The research was part of a YouGov poll for the consultancy Croner and it found that 31% of workers surveyed said their ­employer did not provide OH services, such as health information, counselling, wellbeing programmes or health checks.

But even where such services were available, they were not always comprehensive.

When asked if their employer was proactive in preventing ill health, 47% of employed people agreed, against 31% who disagreed. However, more than one in five either did not know or preferred not to answer.

The research also revealed a significant gender gap in access to OH services. More than one-third of women said their employers did not offer any OH services at all, compared with 28% of men.

Those at either end of the age spectrum (18-24 and 55+) were more likely to be in jobs lacking OH services (46% and 37% respectively) than those in the other age bands.

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