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30 Nov 2013

Mental health and social science explored in new booklet

The booklet is the ninth in the Making the Case for the Social Sciences series, which has been issued by the Campaign for Social Science since 2011.
Counselling services now rolled out to all Welsh secondary schools were just one striking example of what can happen when governments are willing to take on board the lessons of serious academic research, the report says.
Other case studies explore how research has fed into more effective policy-making on everything from reducing prisoner suicides to combating alcohol misuse among adolescents and delivering employability support in Northern Ireland.
Mike Shooter, president of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, one of the supporters of the report, described his own “recurrent depressive disorder”, which had been alleviated by the Samaritans, and then by medication and counselling – and had led to his own decision to become a psychiatrist.

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