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10 Feb 2014

Mental health issues 'cost UK £70bn a year', claims thinktank

Mental Health issues are costing Britain £70bn a year, the west’s leading economic thinktank said on Monday, as it urged the government to help those with depression, stress and anxiety into work. The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said mental health was the cause of 40% of the 370,000 new claims for disability benefit each year – the highest recorded among the 34 nations that belong to the so-called “rich man’s club”.

An OECD study found that the bill to the UK from a failure to cope adequately with mental health issues was 4.5% of GDP each year, caused by productivity losses, higher benefit payments and the increased cost to the NHS.

“Better policies and practices by employers and the health system are needed to help people deal with mental health issues and get back to work,” the OECD said

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