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16 Feb 2017

How I realised my mental health issues shouldn't stop me being successful

“When I was younger, I was depressed from a very young age. I grew up in a difficult environment with quite a violent father, and that wreaked havoc with my mental health as a child. I couldn’t verbalise how I was feeling at the time, so I turned to food to cope. Depression and anxiety stemmed from what I grew up around, and my issues with food came from that.

I really struggled to love and accept myself because the environment I grew up in told me I wasn’t good enough. Society always told me to ‘be smaller’, ‘be shorter’, ‘be thinner’, and I struggled with that for about ten years. That resulted in depression, anxiety, issues with food, body image and self-harm. It took me a really long time to recognise that I needed to get help, and also to have the courage to speak out about my problems.”

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