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Addiction counselling worked for me

I was in a real mess when I decided I needed some help with my life. I heard about a local addiction counselling service and started there, but I had all sorts of other problems, too – no job, no home, no wife and a child protection order I wanted to fight. I thought the first counsellor I saw didn’t ‘get’ me and I started missing sessions. The manager called to say they had decided to close my file and I started crying when I tried to explain that I still badly needed help. She took pity on me and mentioned a private counsellor nearby who she thought might take me on at a concessionary rate.

We spoke on the phone first and then I went to see her and we really clicked. I can’t say that she actually ‘did’ anything or said anything that I didn’t know already deep down, but somehow it worked. I feel so much happier now – it’s like I’ve got a life back. I learned that I was dulling my pain with drugs, which led to addiction, and that in turn had led to all my other problems. My counsellor helped me face up to the fact that I was literally smoking and snorting my life away and that only I could decide to stop and take control. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t as hard as some people say either. I now have a job and a small flat and it looks like the authorities will start to take me seriously as a single father.

Anon, 29

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