Personal experiences of counselling and psychotherapy

I couldn’t go back to work

I had a horrid day at work. This woman started shouting and screaming at me because she was upset about something that had happened. I couldn’t do anything about it, but still she screamed. I ended up yelling back at her and my manager arrived and had me escorted away. It was awful.
And then I couldn’t face going back to work. I went on sick leave but every time I had to go back in I stayed off and pleaded with my doctor to sign me off for a bit longer.

My manager wrote to me and said she wanted to support me getting back to work and that she would arrange for me to have counselling. I went with a heavy heart, thinking that I never wanted to work with the public ever again!

It took me a while to get into the idea of so much talking, but gradually I remembered all the great things about my job: the good friends I have there, the many nice people you meet, the canteen, the outings, the perks, and the money of course! My counsellor suggested a phased return to work and I started by going back just for one day, then half-time, then full-time. I saw the counsellor until we were both happy that I was OK again – and I have never looked back.

Anon, 37

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