Personal experiences of counselling and psychotherapy

An overwhelming but liberating experience

I have been receiving counselling for seven years for the sexual abuse I suffered as a child and which lasted well into my teens. I cannot say that the journey has been an easy one, bringing to the fore emotions that were not dealt with at the time and have been overwhelming to the point that I have wanted to give up. With the encouragement of my counsellor and my absolute trust in her, I feel that the long, arduous journey of talking through my abuse is nearly at an end and this will mean that I will no longer be a victim but a healed survivor.

I cannot over emphasise the fact that talking with someone who understands and can empathise with your untold horrors is truly liberating. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about getting help for any abuse they have suffered to seek out a counsellor they can talk to, because believe me it is better to have the story told than for it to remain locked inside you.


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