Personal experiences of counselling and psychotherapy

Looking forward to a positive future

Although at first I wasn’t too convinced of the benefits of counselling, I now feel extremely fortunate to have met and been counselled by my therapist. I had no idea how little I really knew myself before working through my unhelpful mindsets with my therapist. Her deeply insightful deconstruction of my thought processes have allowed us to put things back together having all but removed long held scars inflicted many years ago. On several occasions my sessions with my therapist have lifted weights off my shoulders that would have probably bogged me down for the rest of my life, which brings a feeling of relief and elation that’s difficult to put into words. It’s amazing the baggage that the average person carries around with them, thank God for people with specialist skills like my therapist who are able to work with individuals to figure out why they are feeling like they are feeling. This enables us to move forward and embrace a much more positive and happy future.


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