Personal experiences of counselling and psychotherapy

  • The best thing I ever did

    I was never a believer in counselling, I lived in an emotionally abusive relationship for 20yrs and always believed it was my fault. I was pushed to go to counselling by… [Read more]

  • Looking forward to a positive future

    Although at first I wasn’t too convinced of the benefits of counselling, I now feel extremely fortunate to have met and been counselled by my therapist. I had no idea how… [Read more]

  • Finding the right counsellor

    I remember my first ever counselling session at my health centre. I walked in looking very smart and confident, then cried for the whole hour, and then I did not go… [Read more]

  • An overwhelming but liberating experience

    I have been receiving counselling for seven years for the sexual abuse I suffered as a child and which lasted well into my teens. I cannot say that the journey has… [Read more]

  • I started having panic attacks

    I want to share this story because I thought I was going mad, but now I know that loads of people go through what I did. Hope it helps someone…

    One… [Read more]

  • I joined a group

    I’d been taking anti-depressants for years. Then I saw a counsellor for a few one-to-one sessions before joining her small evening group and that’s when I really began to see progress.… [Read more]

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