Personal experiences of counselling and psychotherapy

  • You got me through

    I’m just writing to say ‘thank you for everything.’ I just needed some support to get me through a terrible time in my life and you were there for me. I… [Read more]

  • What to look for

    I’ve been to a few counsellors and like anything in life I rated some more than others. My tip would be to find someone you feel really comfortable with, but at… [Read more]

  • What's it like?

    I always wondered what psychotherapy would be like. Would I lie on a couch? (No). Would I cry? (Yes, sometimes). Would I feel stupid? (No). Would I feel better? (Yes, but… [Read more]

  • Therapy helps me through

    I’ve been to see a counsellor three times in my life. The first time was on the NHS and via my GP when I was feeling down. It was good,… [Read more]

  • Don’t put it off

    I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time before I emailed my counsellor and got going. I spent ages looking at faces and visiting websites, but kept putting off getting in… [Read more]

  • It's for people like you and me

    I never thought I would go to see a counsellor or therapist. I used to think it was for people who were either totally incompetent or else very ill. Now I… [Read more]

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