Personal experiences of counselling and psychotherapy

  • I was angry

    I decided to sign up for long-term psychotherapy as I had tried the short-term approach before and I finally felt ready to unravel some of the darker stuff I carry around.… [Read more]

  • The dark hole of depression

    My mum found my counsellor when we were told we would have to wait nine months for counselling for depression on the NHS. I was desperate (and she was very… [Read more]

  • Third time lucky

    We went to one session at Relate and agreed that it wasn’t for us. We then went to a few sessions with the Church that married us – but while we… [Read more]

  • Parties were torture

    After I refused to come out of our bedroom during the jubilee party going on downstairs, next door and in the street, I knew I had to get myself and my… [Read more]

  • Baby blues

    I think I had a mild sort of post-natal depression, but I didn’t realise it at the time. I thought I was tired, inexperienced and a bad mother – and that… [Read more]

  • The demon drink

    Seeing a counsellor about my drinking probably saved my marriage and my job, not to mention my liver and my life. I hated admitting I had a problem at the time,… [Read more]

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